Space Law on Citizenship

What is space law on citizenship; can you be a citizen of more than one world? If not, is there a formal revocation process of the old citizenship before taking on a new? Are there such things as passports, or does the information get incorporated into whatever form of ID we carry?

Specific to our situation: how binding was signing the paper, and what did the Arrans do with them? (Just file the paper, or input the information into a planetary or interplanetary database?)

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Answer: It mostly depends on the individual worlds, some of which allow dual citizenship, some of which don’t. The main thing is that no one can be a citizen of the Imperium and a citizen of another interstellar government. And not every citizen of the Imperium is a citizen of an individual world.

So how bindingis your citizenship on Arra? Not very. Every world has different rules for how you can become a citizen, but for most of them it’s not that difficult. And (other than voting) citizenship on an individual world is not that serious. It’s like being a citizen of a state.

Space Law on Citizenship

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