Mister Jones

"Fussy" Jones is a smallish man with a low-class accent, stylish clothes, and an eye for the main chance.


Origin: Overpopulated world
Career: Rogue


Fussy Jones prefers to be called Mister Jones but is resigned to the nickname, which people attribute to his interest in appearance and luxury. Even though his pinstriped suit is made of expensive hi-tech fabric that resists tears and cleans itself, he’s still afraid of stains and will dab at them with a hyperabsorbent hi-tech hanky, especially on the skinny black tie. Jones always wears his small-brimmed porkpie hat and keeps his three-toned, pointy shoes at a high gloss. He also lavishes care on a fat ring with multiple jewels, a big gaudy wristwatch, and sometimes a pair of fancy mirrored sunglasses. Those who travel with him long will probably catch a glimpse of a small pistol under his arm.

Jones came to the capital world in cold storage, a fact he does not care to discuss, and even that fare left him in debt to some shady operators. But with his ready wit and eye for opportunity, Jones built up a number of business interests and made many contacts among the busy folk of the spaceport neighborhoods. Over years he became a respected but small-time operator, making a comfortable living but never gaining real power or wealth. He’s always on guard, living in the fear that whatever he’s won can be taken away at any time: by the law, by someone stronger, or just by Blind Fortune, who runs with nobody for long.

Jones fears anything he can’t control, and high on the list is space travel, especially vacuum. He can’t pilot a ship, nor fix it, and is always afraid of being somehow sucked into space due to someone else’s bonehead move. When he reluctantly agreed to follow “Captain Hale” on the Loki, he spent a little cash on precautions, but still has never used a vacc suit or been in null G.

Secretly, Jones suspects that the trip offworld might be just the thing to shake him loose from his stagnating position and really put his skills to work on achieving the next level: of wealth, of power, of freedom from fear.

Mister Jones

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