The UWP (Universal World Profile) is a shorthand description of a world. It consists of a series of numbers and letters. Each character represents a separate piece of information. For the most part, the data is in hexadecimal notation.

In order, the pieces of information are:

  • Starport type (A=the best; X=None)
  • Size (in thousands of km of diameter)
  • Atmosphere type
  • Hydrographic percentage
  • Population
  • Type of government
  • Law level (how restrictive the laws are)

Immediately after this is the planet’s tech level.

Following this may be the following:
  • N=Naval base present
  • S=Scout base present
  • G=Gas giant present
The last information is trade classifications:
  • AG=Agricultural
  • DW=Desert World
  • HI=High population
  • HT=High tech
  • IN=Industrial
  • NA=Non-agricultural
  • NI=Non-industrial
  • PO=Poor
  • RI=Rich
  • WW=Water World


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