Karl Jordan

Former Naval Lt. and engineer


Slightly less than medium height and barrel-chested. Karl (usually called just “Jordan”) is in his mid 30’s. His hair and eyes are both dark brown and his skin is pale from living most of his life in climate controlled habitats or on board ships. He wears his hair cropped short (navy regulation) and sports a bristling mustache. He is usually seen wearing work coveralls or plain navy fatigues.

Jordan is gruff and surly when interrupted, and he is usually found fixing or tinkering with something. He isn’t mean-spirited though, and when taking a break he is quick to buy a friend a drink (and another for himself).


Born and raised on the frozen world of Devon, Jordan left to join the navy and see the universe. Drawing on his familiarity with the machines that kept the habitats of his homeworld livable, he was drawn to the engineering corps. Jordan was eventually promoted to lieutenant and made a section chief on the Dreadnought class INS Lioness II (500,000 tons).

After mustering out, Jordan felt out of place dirtside and sought to find a way to get back to space. There was a service that matched up people looking for business partners for free traders and helped arrange financing. Alanna Hale looked like a good prospect, as she listed herself as a skilled pilot. When they met to apply for the loans, Jordan remembered having met her years before, when she was in the scouts, but apparently forgotten her name (or remembered it wrong). She didn’t want to talk about her time in the service and Jordan didn’t press the matter.

Once their partnership was approved for the loan, they purchased the Loki, a nearly-new Type A trader. Both Alanna, whom Jordan usually refers to as “Skipper” (he has no interest in command), and himself knew a few folks on-planet who might be able to help them arrange for cargo.
  • Fussy Jones, an underworld wheeler-dealer with his fingers in several dubious pies.
  • Randall Bragg, a deckhacker with a flair for computers.
  • Hank Muller, a Jack of all Trades who’d worked with Fussy before and had some capital to invest in the cargo.

So, after talking to the three of them, a simple business arrangement was made. They would handle matters dirt-side: buying/selling cargo, finding passengers or jobs, etc. Skipper and Jordan would keep the Loki flying and handle matters when they were out in the black. If business goes well enough, the others might choose to buy into owning part of the Loki.

Karl Jordan

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