• Hank Muller

    Hank Muller

    Self-described "pro athlete", this drifter is fit and always seeking a sporting match or a workout. He really supports himself as a courier for dangerous missions.
  • Hopper Anderson

    Hopper Anderson

    Hopper Anderson is a small, quick flygirl who works at attracting no notice at all.
  • Karl Jordan

    Karl Jordan

    Former Naval Lt. and engineer
  • Mister Jones

    Mister Jones

    "Fussy" Jones is a smallish man with a low-class accent, stylish clothes, and an eye for the main chance.
  • Randall Bragg

    Randall Bragg

    A quiet, extremely confident information acquisition specialist
  • Darya Esquivel

    Darya Esquivel

    Down-on-her-luck reporter whom the crew met on Arra