Plying the Backwaters

Second Session: Excitement on a Small Rock

In the second session, the PCs arrived in the backwater system of Arra with a bit of a surprise: as soon as they dropped out of jump space, they were almost hit by a Navy destroyer shooting past at high speed (and accompanied by two other destroyers). However, the skilled pilot was able to avoid a collision, and the Loki proceeded on without incident.

As the ship approached Arra, it was hailed by customs, and told to prepare for inspection. The inspection turned out to be routine, with one major exception: the customs agent told them that they would be charged 25KCr a person for all non-citizens on board—but anyone could register as a citizen with a minimum of paperwork. Oh, and the next day was election day, by the way. All the people on board (save one) agreed, although the crew registered some of them under phony names.

Much of the time on Arra was spent trying to get off the planet, as it turned out to be a very small, very pissant place. But the crew were frequently frustrated by delays, including
  • Businesses that were (shockingly) not able to drop everything instantly to pick up cargo from the Loki
  • An election day holiday closing down most businesses
  • Consistent pressure to vote
  • A post-election strike by the Teamsters, in protest of the election results

The crew did manage to meet a few interesting people, though, including a seemingly failed journalist who latched on (and ended up being hired by the crew) and a disgraced ex-fighter. Mr. Jones also tried to cut a deal to buy some carser meat, but the deal fell through when the ship left Arra more quickly than expected.

Financially, the trip to Arra was basically a wash: the crew spent a fair amount on upkeep, fuel, and freezer equipment for the cargo hold, but ended up with a modest profit after being paid by their “special” passenger, Cato.


Ship expenses on Arra: 11,000 Fuel 250 Maintenance 11,000 Life Support refresh 1,100 Refrigeration/Deep freeze parts (12 ton capacity) 23,250 total


Also, you left Arra heading for the Onbebebi system, where you are scheduled to drop off some passengers and deliver a secret cargo. I’ll post information about Onbebebi later today or tomorrow.


On the first day, our cargo recipients couldn’t get a crew together to unload their freight. I told them it would cost them storage fees and they agreed.

On the second day, the effing banks were closed for Election Day, and the recipients couldn’t get us any money. That meant that our hold was full to capacity, with unassembled freezer parts stacked in hallways and cabins, so we couldn’t take on the speculative cargo of carser meat, which was due to spoil.

On the third day, due to the narrow victory of the incumbent Unionists over the Arran People’s Action Party or something, the Teamsters went on strike. Now we couldn’t unload or load a damn thing, and the carser meat was spoiling in situ.

The inability of this rock to do actual business meant there was no reason for the Loki to hang around. Also, someone, probably our mysterious Mr. Cato, turned the cops on Jonesy, declaring him a spy. Luckily Randall “Jonny Data” Bragg had already gotten root on Arra’s pathetic datasphere and eliminated the warrant with some quick slight-of-hand. All told, it was high time to split. We will attempt to re-sell the farm equipment and other goods on another world; none of it is going to spoil.

In space, we re-packed our 18 tons of low-tech computer gear into a smaller volume, spacing the junkiest, to make room for proper storage of the freezer parts. Daria moved into a cabin. She owes us 12,000 credits so far, offset by any actual work she can do.

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