Plying the Backwaters

Running the Loki

Just to have it all in one place, here’s our nut:

  • General maintenance: 3048 Cr/Mo.
  • Life Support: 22KCr/Mo. (we can shave this a little by sealing unused cabins, etc.)
  • Payments to bank: 149,316 Cr/Mo.
  • Refueling (22 dtons, good for 1 Jump): 11 KCr (refined), 2.2KCr (unrefined), or scoop @ a gas giant).

Paul, please correct anything I’ve got wrong.


~186,000 per month. Lightspeed!

Well, we’ve collected 124 KCr so far.

Running the Loki

Every Jump 1 is a week, so –at best– we’re making 4 hops a month. And that’s with next ot no time dirtside between hops. If we can get paid for our current manifest, we’ll have more than covered our nut for the month in just 2 weeks. That means any more cargo or jobs this month is gravy.

Running the Loki

Since I know very little about a ship runs or makes money, I cannot really say much on this matter. I will say that finding good paying cargo may not be as easy as it looks. Aren’t we making two jumps with the cargo we have and if so then we have only two remaining weeks to make the remainder of the monthly payment.

Running the Loki

If we land what’s on board successfully, and get paid for it, we got this month covered. But it’s going to be touch-and-go at times I suspect.

Running the Loki

Keep in mind that each jump takes a week, but it can take several days to get from the main planet in a system to the jumpoint. So most ships make 2 jumps per month at most.

Running the Loki

Ideally, we’ll have a slush fund and a month’s payment in reserve (eventually). For now, I’ll be happy to successful complete these two runs.

Running the Loki
akiva bighara

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