Plying the Backwaters

First Session: Character Creation and Beginning of Campaign

Yesterday, we created characters using a method that combined elements of Classic Traveller and Fate. The PCs all ended up with connections to each other, and often extensive backgrounds. I thought this part worked out well, but you’d have to ask the players for more.

The characters are:
  • A pilot from a small asteroid world that used the Scouts as a way out of her isolated existence—but then wanted nothing to do with the Scouts
  • A naval officer with some shady friends; he ended up acquiring a share of a Free Trader (along with the Scout)
  • A drifter with a variety of skills for getting by in the universe; in particular, he has worked as a courier
  • A computer specialist with a taste for a fast buck
  • A rogue determined to use his wits to get advantages in life
After creating characters, we started the campaign itself. The players spent the session putting together the basic roles each character will play in the campaign. And the PCs (with the rogue leading the way) filled most of the cabins and cargo bay with cargo. Among the potentially shady things on board:
  • A secretive man willing to pay 50,000 for a 1-parsec journey to Arra
  • A bank transporting a sealed carton whose contents are unknown to Zaonbima

With the ship loaded, the crew began the journey to Arra.


Excellent. A note: The bank’s cargo is 12 tons, not a small box. It’s currently packaged with cheap computer gear in crates totalling 18 tons.


True—I was referring to its relative size. Given how small it is, you’re getting a lot of money to transport it.

akiva akiva

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