Plying the Backwaters

Division of labor

Who's watching whom

Everyone needs to keep their eyes and ears open this trip, but here are a few suggestions:

  1. Hank, you need to make sure no one comes poking around cabin 4 and our special guest, and watch your bunkie, the steward.
  2. Jonesy and Randall can keep an eye on the passengers. Randall, keeping your speculative data cargo safe is your job too.
  3. I’ll be keeping an eye on the cargo bay as well, since I’m down that way most of the time. Plus I’m going to be checking all the ship systems very carefully for signs of tampering during the flights. That includes the low berths.
  4. Skipper? You get us there in one piece and make sure we’re not being tracked or something.

Make sense?


No passengers north of the lounge. I dunno how shifts work for piloting, but we’re going to have to stand watches, and Eaves is not on the roster. Skipper does all her awake time in the flight room or whatever it’s called. The rest of us will do four hours walking the ship, four hours on post, four hours off duty.

We need to screen the passengers for weapons and lock up anything dangerous. Not sure how best to do that…

Division of labor
akiva MrJoel

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